Demers funeral homes has been serving people for over a century by offering them a time and place to gather and commemorate the life of a loved one following his or her death. From father to son and through the years, this family business, well known in the Beloeil area, has built its success and renown around the concept of family, never losing sight of its core values: respect, openness and tradition.

Having always offered services for the viewing of the deceased, Demers funeral homes has taken an important step forward in 1990 by purchasing land intended for the development of a cemetery. The society "Le Jardin de la Vallée du Richelieu" (The Richelieu Valley Garden) is thus created, ensuring its management and offering the inhabitants of the area all the services usually available in large urban centers, with the greatest respect for the environment.

September 2010 also becomes an important date in the Demers funeral homes history as it opens its new Demers Complex in McMasterville. With its six funeral homes and this new prestige establishment, our business is now the benchmark for funeral ceremonies in the Vallée-du-Richelieu region.


Every good relationship is based on respect. At Demers funeral homes, we believe each family needs to be treated with unique and personal consideration: a personalized service that respects your beliefs and your budget.


Our team opens up to you like a family welcoming a new member. They listen to your needs, note the smallest details and accompany you through these difficult times.


Since there are many ways in which to structure a funeral ceremony, our consultants will take care of organizing yours according to your customs and will help ease your mourning.

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